Chef's Bio

Born in 1948 in the region of Molise, Italy, I spent much of the first half of my youth in and among the vineyards and pastures of Santa Maria, a small village about an hour south of Campobasso. This area of Italy, nestled high up in the central Apennines, is rich in culinary tradition and renowned as the pasta capital of the world.

In 1959, my family moved to Rome, where as a boy, exploring the open markets with just a few lira in my pockets, I indulged in some of the finest and freshest produce, meats, cheeses and pastries that Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean world had to offer. It is here that I learned to appreciate the value of fresh ingredients and the importance of uncompromising commitment to quality.

In 1963, my family immigrated to the United States to take advantage of this great land of opportunity. Whether it was working in my Aunt’s restaurant in Fairmont, WVA or washing dishes in a busy cafeteria during my high school years in Dayton, OH, restaurants quickly became a part of me. In 1968, I returned to Santa Maria to marry my childhood sweetheart, Angiolina Berardo. Shortly after our return to the USA, a wonderful opportunity came my way in a position as Assistant to the Chef of the Specialty Division of Frisch’s Restaurants.

It was a necessary move because of the 2 new additions to our family, my sons, David and Marc, who joined us in 1969 and 1973. After 14 years of hard work and endless effort, I earned the position of Executive Chef, which gave me the privilege of being involved in many aspects of restaurant management, including opening 6 new restaurants. Still, I yearned and desired for even greater opportunity. In 1986, the timing was perfect for me to venture out on my own. With the help of Angiolina and our 2 sons, I opened Germano’s Ristorante. The infusion of their energy with my experience and philosophy has enabled Germano’s Ristorante to become an expression of my passion and love for the culinary arts. Food has been my life for over half a century, and satisfying discerning appetites has never been more gratifying. Thank you to all of our customers who have patronized us over the years. A La Salute. Domenico Germano .

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